The 2018 Year at a Glance

Year Established:    1923; 1989 the Agency became a nonprofit charity
                                   organization with a 100% paid professional lay 
                                   nursing staff.

Clients Served:        145 in-home patients with 4,543 visits
                                  613 low-income seniors at Wellness Clinics with 
                               2,979 visits at no charge
                                  872 community members in need, received
                               1,198 loaned items of Durable Medical Equipment 

Volunteers:               142 volunteers gave 5397 hours of their time.

Funding Sources:     Generous individuals, corporations, foundations,
                                    churches and bequests provide our funding.

Our Impact:              Often, without our interventions, our patients would 
                                    unnecessarily be placed in nursing homes, homeless,
                                    continually rehospitalized, or would die of neglect.


Our In-Home and Community-based Programs:

  •   In-Home Nursing Care – Nursing care and health-related services encompass the physical, psychosocial, emotional assessment and treatment by Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Aides, and Personal Care Providers.  These clinicians care for patients with a variety of chronic illnesses and disabilities by providing medication management, personal care, and other supports with activities of daily living.
  •    Pastoral Care/Friendly Visitor Program – Volunteers provide multi-denominational spiritual support for unmet psychosocial needs, enhancing both the mental and physical health of our patients.
  •    Patient Assistance and Non-Patient Referral Services – Extraordinary medical crisis needs can be mitigated through a Patient Assistance Fund to keep people living safely and independently.
  •    Food for Patients Program – Our caregivers can deliver nutritious food and commodity boxes through partnerships with local Catholic churches.
  •    Wellness Clinics – Monthly nurse-run clinics for low-income seniors in subsidized senior housing sites in Metro Denver provide blood pressure checks, blood glucose monitoring, heart/lung assessments, medication review, and health care instruction/education.  Patient Health Advocates assist the seniors and disabled residents with a connection to resources to meet basic needs and keep them living independently at home.
  •    Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program – Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, bath/shower benches, transfer chairs, hospital beds, among others allow enhanced mobility and independence for aging patients and people in the community who
    have limited or no other resources.




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